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Due to an increased workload outside of furry commissions, I have had difficulty managing my commissions/time. So for now I am going to be charging commissions by the hour and only 1 commission per slot.

$30 USD


15 mins.....$7.50 USD (approx $9.80 AU)
30 mins.....$15 USD (approx $19.60 AU)
1hr.............$30 USD (approx $39.19 AU)
2hrs...........$60 USD (approx $78.38 AU)
3hrs...........$90 USD (approx $117.57 AU)
4hrs...........$120 USD (approx $156.76 AU)
5hrs...........$150 USD (approx $195.95 AU)


You can ask for anything!

...but keep in mind the more stuff in a piece you ask for the less detail there might be. (Example: a 15 minute headshot will have more detail than a 15 minute fullbody + background)

Commissions are timed.

If they are not streamed, they will be recorded with a timer! I may go over by a few minutes or so to finish things off, but will mostly stay on time.

Choose a Style!

I have my usual, semi-realistic style but have also been doing toony-style as well, so you can choose which one you'd like! Toony-style is much easier to do in a short time-frame, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Slots will be limited.

I will only be accepting 1 commission per slot and slots will be limited to keep myself from being overwhelmed by too much work!

Maximum of 5 hours.

I will be doing commissions in 1 sitting and have recently burnt out after around 5hrs of work, so commissions will be limited to 5 hours for now.



My usual semi-realistic style that I typically draw in.



My recent toony style!



15 Minutes

Ideal for quick headshot sketches or goofy scribbles!

30 Minutes

Good for a quick coloured headshot or a greyscale hatch-shaded fullbody sketch!

1 Hour

Great for particularly complex toony headshots or simple toony fullbodies. Also good for a very fast speedpaint of very simple characters. I can also do the same thing as the 15-30 minute examples but with more effort put in!

2 Hours

If you're after a fullbody speedpainting that's a bit more complex, I'd recommend this amount of time as a minimum. Most fullbody toonies also took me about this long.

Also once again, if you'd like something else like a very detailed sketch (maybe with a background and a complex character or something) or a more detailed headshot, can do!

3-5 Hours

While I don't really have many great examples right now, basically anything more detailed than above I would recommend 3+ hours. Especially if you'd like a full background, have a very complex character or want multiple characters!

Feel free to email me at if you're unsure!