Hi there!

I'm Jessie, otherwise known as Naira and I work part time doing

personal illustration work such as OCs, pet portraits and things like that.

Below you will find my prices for personal commissions.

For commercial work, please email me at jessie.s.abell@gmail.com for a quote.

My portfolio and CV can be found here.



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$30 USD


15 mins.....$7.50 USD (approx $9.80 AU)
30 mins.....$15 USD (approx $19.60 AU)
1hr.............$30 USD (approx $39.19 AU)
2hrs...........$60 USD (approx $78.38 AU)
3hrs...........$90 USD (approx $117.57 AU)
4hrs...........$120 USD (approx $156.76 AU)
5hrs...........$150 USD (approx $195.95 AU)


You can ask for anything!

...but keep in mind the more stuff in a piece you ask for the less detail there might be. (Example: a 15 minute headshot will have more detail than a 15 minute fullbody character + background)

Commissions are timed.

If they are not streamed, they will be recorded with a timer! I may go a bit overtime to finish things off, but will mostly stay on time.

Choose a Style!

I have my usual, semi-realistic style but have also been doing toony-style as well, so you can choose which one you'd like! Toony-style is much easier to do in a short time-frame, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Slots will be limited.

My commissions work on a slot-basis, which is basically a queue of commission spots. 1 commission - 1 slot, and I am currently only accepting 1 commission per person.

I typically open for only about 5 slots, then I open commissions again when I have finished those 5 commissions.

Maximum of 5 hours.

I am currently doing commissions in 1 sitting, so commissions will be limited to 5 hours for the time being. This may increase in the future.



My usual semi-realistic style that I typically draw in.



My recent toony style!



15 Minutes

Ideal for quick headshot sketches or goofy scribbles!


30 Minutes

Good for a quick coloured headshot or a greyscale hatch-shaded fullbody sketch!


1 Hour

Great for particularly complex toony headshots or simple toony fullbodies. Also good for a very fast speedpaint of very simple characters. I can also do the same thing as the 15-30 minute examples but with more effort put in!


2 Hours

If you're after a fullbody speedpainting that's a bit more complex, I'd recommend this amount of time as a minimum. Most fullbody toonies also took me about this long.

Also once again, if you'd like something else like a very detailed sketch (maybe with a background and a complex character or something) or a more detailed headshot, can do!


3 Hours

Basically anything more detailed than above I would recommend 3+ hours.

I can typically get in a fullbodied character with a background, but it might be a bit messy.


4-5 Hours

If you'd like more of a full illustration that has a bit more detail/cleanliness than the 3hr option or multiple characters, this is the way to go!