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  • Naira Wolf

Hey there my wonderfully patient commissioners! I apologize for the crazy schedule this month, things have really not gone to plan XD I have had some professional work to do on the side of commissions which has been a bit sporadic and I have also been having some sleeping issues and other things making me sleep in/work slow and fall behind.

It seems unfortunately that my schedule will continue to be shifted around this month and I will do my best to keep you updated.

In the meantime, I have some other news. I got a new kitten!! So here is some cat tax to make up for my crazy schedule :) Her name is Lynx!

  • Naira Wolf

Hey there commissioners! My apologies for no calendar yet, I have mildly injured my wrist in the past 2 days and I now also need to go into my boyfriends Dads work tomorrow to help him out with some paperwork. I should be able to sort out a calendar soon!

  • Naira Wolf

Hello there new commissioners from the current batch! I am currently working on some professional work on the side alongside these (for games companies) so my usual 4-5 day streams may go down to 3-4 to give me more days in the week for the games work.

I will have the schedule organised by the end of Saturday and will email you all out to let you know my calendar has been updated.

Thankyoo for your patience and understanding! I should be able to finish all commissions by the end of May.

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